Westhaven Longhorns

Registered Texas Longhorns in Ione, California: gentle bulls, show cattle, 
cow calf pairs, pasture ornaments, beef and herding dog Catahoulas. 
 Call us: 209-274-9917
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FOR SALE: Registered, Top Pedigreed Heifers, Pairs, Herd Sire Bulls, 
Pasture Ornaments.  Gentle, social and fun to raise while they graze. 
Pairs and bred heifers coming soon! Click on each picture for details 
and please ask about our Discounted Package Pricing! 
Westhaven Gold Strawberry Moon is a bred 2 year old heifer with a long deep body from her Boomerang dam and wide big horns, with years of growth ahead, from her Horn Showcase World Champion sire Gold Run. She is calm, sweet and elegant, due Spring 2024. $2500
Westhaven Gold Delos is a showstopping young ornamental steer for your front pasture.   Delos is a rare blue roan with huge lateral black horns with years of horn growth ahead, is social, comes to call and gentle. He is very special trophy steer and could be your friend. $2350
Want to know more about each animal's sire and dam? Just ask for pictures and pedigrees!
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