Westhaven Longhorns
Registered Texas Longhorns in Ione, California, 
bulls, show cattle, cow calf pairs, beef and herding dog Catahoula puppies. 
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Westhaven is proud to present our current Herd Sires: 
Westhaven Gold Run has already swept his class in the 2019 TLBAA Horn Showcase, winning 3 bronzes when he was just 16 months old.  Now just 34 months, he sports 80.50" Tip to Tip, clean deep lines and fantastic black coloring with speckles to keep it interesting. He is still maturing and we can't wait to see the whole story!   
Rusty Shade Iron  is our Drag Iron son out of  the super-pretty  mama Shady Smile, who has the most perfect horns we've ever seen.  Rusty is a slightly wounded warrior, having lost his right tip  in a gentleman's discussion, but with the tip he would be 79.75" Tip to Tip. Rusty is passing on his amazing conformation, depth and length, show- stopping brindle color and his wonderful soft personality 
Westhaven Fast Win is our Clear Win and Fast Jube son, with the amazing Shadow Jubilee  - one of the widest horned and gorgeus cows ever  - on his mama's side. This 5 -year old bull is  breathtaking not just for the wide width and shape of his horns, but also for his clean, well sprung girth, big hips and textbook top and bottom lines.  Fast Win is in the Elite Gallery of Horns, measuring 81" Tip to Tip.