Westhaven Longhorns

Registered Texas Longhorns in Ione, California: gentle bulls, show cattle, 
cow calf pairs, pasture ornaments, beef and herding dog Catahoulas. 
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Future Herd Sires
Bulls for Cross-Breeding 
Pasture Ornaments 
Cows at Westhaven
Registered Texas Longhorns, Ropers, Bulls and Beef
We take pride in the ways registered Texas Longhorns offer exceptional value.  All of our Longhorns are raised in a clean and open environment, socialized but not broken. 

Choose from the best for top pedigrees for  big horns or all around for show, breeding, beef or rodeo stock. Westhaven now is now offering young herd sires out of five of the top bulls in the world. 

Why come to Westhaven?  We want to share the amazing view with you, watching our  cattle grazing along the California foothills, right along with the abundant wildlife.  

Westhaven announces naturally bred and delivered offspring from Cowboy Tuff Chex, Drag Iron, Clear Win, Rodeo Max and more. More on our For Sale page. Please call for details. 
Commercial beef operators use our solid all-red Longhorns for first time heifers to lower calving stress and improve calf mortality rates.  
Our gentle steers and cows are perfect to decorate your pasture, stop traffic, increase interest in your business, while trimming your trees and eliminating brush.  
Our cows are diligent, smart, gentle and productive, usually calving with ease into their second decade. They teach manners as well. 
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